Anybody can become a member of Theatre Suburbia. Those who participate in any of our productions are required to become an active member of the theatre - but don't worry, our rates won't break the bank. You don't need to be an actor to join - many of our regular attendees are also members of the theatre. It shows your support for all the hard work we do here and the membership fees help offset the cost of running our theatre year round. All active members receive an invitation to our annual Phoney Awards and holiday party.
Individual Memberships
Theatre Suburbia memberships for the individual are available at the affordable rate of $6/year.
Family Memberships
The whole family can join the theatre and save money over individual memberships. Family memberships are available for $10/year.
Patron Memberships
Patron memberships are a great way to really show your support for Theatre Suburbia. You can become a patron member of the theatre by donating $25 or more per year. All active patron members are listed in the programs for each performance.