Season 58 (2018/2019)
New roommates at the Bristol Place Senior Living Facility, Abbey finds most everyone insufferable, Marylin is relentlessly upbeat, breaths in air and breaths out Fairy Dust. Surely, they can share a room, but as luck would have it they both want the same bed for themselves. What ends will these two go to meet their goal? The Odd Couple meet The Golden Girls and this builds from belly laughs to something much more substantial and satisfying.
by David Lindsay-Abaire
Sep 14 - Oct 13, 2018
A Roma Nanny employed in the home of a local politician saves her haunted home with the help of a kid and two talking laundry appliances. With gypsy magic, she battles a sexy ghost and fights an intruder. Is the intruder dangerous? A Serial killer? Or is he just a marriageable homeless burglar?
Empress of the Laundry Room
by Paullette MacDougal
Jan 4 - Feb 2, 2019
The Yoga Studio brought them together, lifes happenings linked them, and an impromptu happy hour forged the bond of these four Southern Ladies. They are now and will always be lifelong friends. This laugh a minute Southern Comedy will leave you wanting to join this society.
The Savanah Sipping Society
by Jones Hope Wooten
Apr 12 - May 11, 2019
The year is 1923 and audience members are passengers on board the HMS Victoria as it crosses the English Channel. The famous Inspector Clurrot has tracked down a homicidal mastermind hiding out on board. Meanwhile, the ship is the vessel of matrimony for the Contessa Follette and John D. Rothchild - a marriage encouraged through financial need and murderous greed. But not everything is as it seems, and it turns out that the English Channel isnt the only thing being crossed. Audience members are recruited...
Murderous Crossing
by David Landau
Jul 19 - Aug 24, 2019
There is trouble at the North Pole, so many boys and girls, so little time. How will Santa make all his stops? Joy, the big boss of Toy Central, and Mrs. Berry and her Elves, and of course Mrs. Claus may be able to help. This treasure will have everyone laughing and singing along to start this Holiday Season.
Santa's Magic Timepiece
by Ann Richie
Nov 2 - Dec 1, 2018
First published in 1950 and considered the best of all Miss Marple crime novels, this was Agatha Christies fiftieth book, A Crime Novel Classic.  An advertisement was placed in the local paper announcing a murder to hapen. Is this a hoax? an effort to torture Letitia? or a childish practical joke? As the locals begin to gather at the designated place you should be there too.
A Murder Is Announced
by Leslie Darbon
Feb 22 - Mar 23, 2019
Follow three Texas high school girls from their days as bff cheerleaders, through college sorority days of sisterhood, and into what life holds for them going forward. This Texas Bittersweet Comedy provides an astute, snapshot sharp chronicle of Kathy, Joanna and Mary and their intertwined lives.
by Jack Heifner
May 31 - Jun 29, 2019
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